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Briefly in English

The story of the boat

In the spring of 2017, after many years of dreaming, I had the opportunity to buy the boat of my dreams – a Finngulf 33 – for my family’s boat. I am only the second owner of the boat. I polished the hull and painted the bottom only to get an understanding of the size of the job. I thought this way I could respect even more the work of those volunteers, who would possibly come to help me with the maintenance duties next spring.

In the spring of 2017 the hull was inspected by local maritime representatives and it was approved for sailing. The inlets were checked as well as all other things related to the hull, such as base drains, bilge and the keel bolts. I was present also when the mast was installed. The shrouds were tighted and for the first time I set myself behind the wheel to get a feeling how the Volvo diesel engine is working and what kind of touch the steering has. Three-bladed propeller with folding mechanism was able to turn the light-weighed boat almost at place and I could not have been happier. The deck finishing and cleaning of the seating area as well as other equipping was done only when the boat was in water. The impatience of getting to sailing was stronger day by day. Finally came the end of May and time for the test sail. Performance of “Fun4us” was exactly what I had been expecting. The elevation angle was great, the sails fitted nicely and even a light wind made her reach 5 knots speed easily. Exactly according to my anticipation.

During the few summer sailings of 2017, I came to a conclusion that I cannot keep such a great sailing boat sitting in the harbour. I’m a full-time working employee and I have four weeks of holidays per summer. I wanted to offer an opportunity for those sailing enthusiasts that do not own a boat themselves to sail as well. This is how I made the decision to rent Fun4us in the summer of 2018 and give the opportunity for experiencing great sailing moments to those who would appreciate it.

Sailing regards, Hanna-Mari

Breakfast at Turku Archipelago

Do you want to spend a day at sea?

Fun4us is also available as skippered charter cruise, if you are not sure of your skills and want to familiarize yourself with sailing or just spend an enjoyable, worry-free day out at sea with friends or family. Great visiting destinations nearby Turku are for example Seili Island or alternatively we can just cruise around Airisto area. All meals during the journey or in the destination can be arranged according to the customer’s wishes.

Frequently asked questions

How do I get to the boat?
You get to the home port of Fun4us either by private car, taxi or by bus. See more at: Home port information

What about groceries?
Unless you have ordered specific meals for a chartered cruise, there is basically no food on board. Make sure you make a proper list and purchase all of the groceries before your departure.

There is no grocery store in the home port, so we recommend you buy the groceries either in Hirvensalo (on the way to the port) or elsewhere in Turku. The Turku archipelago islands have few ports that sell food, but the selection is typically very limited or it’s not even a store but rather a small kiosk. Examples of ports with grocery store are Nauvo, Korppoo, Houtskär, Nötö, Utö, Uusikaupunki, Parainen and Naantali.

Where to go?
Very good mobile app featuring different ports around the Turku archipelago is


rent a sailingboat turku archipelago finngulf 33 fun4us


What do I need to pack with me?

Please note that the storage possibilities in the boat are very limited, so try to avoid packing too much.

For sleeping
– Flat sheet and a sleeping bag OR
– Flat sheet, blanket and duvet
– Warm nightwear (eg pajama, sweatpants or similar)
– Ear plugs, in case you are a light sleeper

Rainy weather can be tackled with right clothing. Please bare in mind that in sailing boat you stay outside majority of the time when on the go. Also, in May-June, even if the daily air temperatures can raise as high as +20c or above, the sea water temperature is still relatively low (typically between +8 and +14) and the weather feels a bit colder on the sea.

– Wind- and waterproof jacket and pants.
– Proper mid-layer and breathable underwear to keep you warm and dry all day
– Warm clothes for nights and during windy weather
– Proper beanie, gloves and a scarf are needed in Finland still in June
– Shoes with LIGHT OUTER SOLE (to avoid unwanted markings on boat deck) and proper grip. Shoes with black or dark outer sole are not allowed on s/y Fun4us
– Rubber boots. You will need these when walking around the islands. They protect you from ticks and snakes
– …

Personal items
There is a first-aid kit on board for emergencies and bigger injuries, but please bring with you headache pills, smaller band-aids and similar. Don’t forget the UV protection products – the sea reflects the harmful UVA & UVB rays very effectively and at sea you can get sunburnt even when it seems cloudy.
– Medication
– Shower gel etc for personal hygiene
– Bath towel
– A small towel to be used in public saunas in the archipelago islands
– …

Do I have the skills to rent by myself or should I rent a skippered charter?

You have to know how to sail and handle this kind of boat and you need the International certificate for operators of pleasure craft.